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Empowering Educators

Aaron Daffern is a teacher of teachers. As an author and education consultant, he provides solutions that work on multiple levels.


Engaging Delivery

  • A day of learning that teachers truly enjoy

Immediate Impact

  • Effective resources that teachers can immediately use


  • Explore a framework that improves educator knowledge

Approved Provider

  • Certified by the state of Texas (#902-645) to provide continuing professional education

Lasting Results

  • Walk away with resources to continue your professional development

Student Engagement Resources

Vocabulary Instruction Resources


Become a Distinguished T-TESS educator

If you are looking for a resource that will enhance the professional community (T-TESS 4.3) and provide you with an opportunity to set short- and long-term professional goals (T-TESS 4.2), look no further! Drawing from experience, best practices, and research, the book lays out the five major facets of student motivation: Competence, Relationships, Autonomy, Value, and Emotions. Learn More…

Visit My Store

Visit My Store

I am pleased to offer FREE shipping in the continental United States on all of my products sold online and by phone. I offer this perk as a way to help you get the materials that will make you a better educator without the hassle of additional fees!
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Student Engagement

Solving Student Engagement Training

Ever wonder why students do what they do? What motivates them and how can they be more fully engaged in the classroom? This training is based on my book Solving Student Engagement: Designing Instruction to Motivate Every Student. It not only teaches you the five facets of student motivation, it equips you with 15 instructional strategies designed to engage every student.
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My Bio!

Aaron Daffern is in huge demand as an empowerer of educators. His participants give him the highest marks as he delivers research-based, common sense, practical, and proven strategies that are guaranteed to enhance teaching techniques, skyrocket engagement, and improve student performance.
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If schools were permitted to have just one training, this is the one!

This training will help to raise test scores for your students, decrease discipline challenges, and improve classroom rapport. You will learn how to meet students where they are and lead them where they need to be, capture attention, and promote deeper learning.

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